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BMW and Allianz have a long-running partnership when it comes to insurance. BMW wanted to develop their portfolio to offer more products, that provided a comprehensive set of cover for BMW drivers beyond car insurance or breakdowns.

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My role

UI/UX/Front-end Designer



UI Design

UX Design

Interaction Design

Front-end build


6 months



Digital Marketing

Operational Management

Business Development


Every nut and bolt, covered.

Allianz already provided car insurance, warranty and breakdown cover. BMW wanted to expand with five new products that could be offered through BMW dealer groups. Namely Shortfall, Tyre, Cosmetic repair, Alloy Wheel and Excess protection.

We were required to design and develop four branded solutions, with legal variations across the UK and Irish markets, create a graceful system that catered for older browsers while considering an external customers expectation of a modern, seamless experience, plus incorporating the specificity of each of the BMW brands; and create a product that was competitive and appealing.

The e-commerce checkout process also included the ability to save, send and retrieve quotes. Plus the facility to manage products already purchased within the web app and generate customer friendly sales reporting for BMW retailers. Therefore assets were created for E-mail, print, display advertising.

Too many cooks

Spoils the room for error

As the project grew, so did the number of stakeholders – with representatives of each of BMW, MINI, Motorrad and Alphera, BMW Groups brands, plus digital, marketing and the retailer groups having an input on the project; without mentioning the teams at Allianz.

The app had to cater for BMW dealerships that in some cases, were still running legacy systems and dated web browsers, resulting in some modern web app functionality was not usable. From a design perspective, this resulted in experimenting to see what was capable with the limitations - and the result is pleasing from solving a challenging proposal; even if it isn't as comprehensive as modern solutions.

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Thousands of lines of code

While working end to end on the project; I was leading the production of over 100 pages of content to support the website launch, which involved the design and implementation of the front-end all to support the e-commerce. Design, build and implementation a pricing calculator that contained over 100 various outcomes a customer can select from the five products; and a suitable back-end system for product management.

The project lasted just over nine months with constant client-facing interaction and internal stakeholder involvement; from leading wireframing sessions with internal stakeholders and liaising with the development team, to front-end build and finally presenting the platform to BMW’s Marketing team.


Customer-focused experimental rebrand

We also used this as an opportunity to rebrand the MINI warranty product which is within a CMS; I therefore redesigned and built a new design, which was a base for experimenting for the smart warranty project you can find out more.

MINI Warranty front-end build
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BMW screenshot
BMW screenshot
BMW screenshot
BMW screenshot
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