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Opel is a partner of Allianz Automotive in Germany, and together they have been creating a car telematics app to launch for Opel owners in 2018, to potentially improve the cost of insurance premiums for Opel owners.

Opel app screenshots

My role

Creative, UI/UX Designer




UI Design

Low fidelity mock-ups


2 weeks


Digital Marketing


Business Development


Simplicity is complexity

The team at Allianz Automotive reached out to our creative team to review their current designs and collaborate on a fresh interface, illustrating telematics data in a simple interface for the customer, and also to encourage a better driving style.

We (creative team) reviewed the existing app, with a focus on the display of current data as requested rather than the tracking functionality.


We explored the current telematics providers in the UK market, with many other insurance companies having an app for their customers. We tested each of these, including Aviva drive, Driveology and DrivePlus over a period of a month, then used these experiences to define our design.

Using this information, we identified the critical information and restructured the layout to create consistency, and cohesion across different types of data.


Original vs suggested

We sought to make it clearer the purpose of the app was to drive properly and therefore save money - therefore ensuring the score is present and the projected percentage is visible.

We took inspiration from other apps that track movement and produce results; taking inspiration from MapMyRun to Strava

Opel app screenshot original
Opel app screenshot
Opel app screenshot original
Opel app screenshot
Opel app screenshot original
Opel app screenshot
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